Waterhouse Gallery
Celebrating our 33rd Anniversary

email art@waterhousegallery.com Call 805 962 8885 to purchase or for more details.

Exhibition Opened 18th November
Artist Reception 5pm to 7pm

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Bela Bacsi

Phil Beck

Zufar Bikbov

Suchitra Bhosle


George Bodine  

George Bodine Plein-Air

Lucas Bononi 

 John Cosby


CM Cooper

James Crandall

Steve Curry


Nancy Davidson


Camille Dellar

Kim English

Michael Fitzpatrick 

Ellie Freudenstein


Rick Garcia

Vincent Giarrano

Adrian Gottlieb

Trent Gudmundsen

Michael A.F. Gumbert

Cynthia Hamilton

Derek Harrison 

Wyllis Heaton

Ray Hunter

Brent Jensen 

Sung Eun Kim

Mark Laguë

Kyle Ma

Jesse Mangerson

Terry Miura

John Modesitt

Stan Moeller

Craig Nelson

Marci Oleszkiewicz

Simon Pasini


Pauline Roche 

Jason Sacran

Ann Sanders

Michael Siegel


Mian Situ

Eric Slayton

Matt Smith

Thalia Stratton


Ezra Suko

Romel de la Torre

Hsin-Yao Tseng

Thomas Van Stein


Albin Veselka

Jove Wang

Pamela Wilson

 All works are available for sale unless otherwise stated.
 Call 805 962 8885 to purchase or for more details.     
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