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Fernando Perez
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 Colorado Boulevard Pasadena 20 x 24 Oil $2400
 Orange Circle Shoppers 16 x 20 Oil $1800
Los Filiz Morning, Los Angeles
20 x 24 Oil $2400
 Orange Circle Antique Shoppers 12 x 16 Oil $1600
 Echo Park 8 x 24 Oil $1800
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 Fernando L. Perez Jr.

Fernando is a High School Visual Art Instructor and Impressionist oil painter.

His early interest in Impressionist painting began in college upon taking an art history course in French Impressionism. “ I was intrigued with the French Impressionists and their keen use of light and color.
Their subject matter appeared very familiar to me like with most people that observe and admire their work. I felt compelled to paint pictures that outline today’s structures, places, and times.”

Immediately, Fernando took various studio art courses and began working outdoors in the plein-air tradition. Although this type of art form is difficult due to various time limitations, he quickly found painting outdoors rewarding and gratifying. His travels are both local and abroad. He enjoys the oil painting process and his subject matter portrays everyday life in an urban setting. “ It’s the love of architecture, people, and fast paced policies of life that I find fascinating. I want the viewer to enjoy my interpretation or moment in which we experience on a daily basis. This clearly was an example of how the French Impressionists portrayed their times of the 1860’s.”

Fernando is an active member of the California Art Club and a member of the Art Guild at the Huntington Library in San Marino. His work has been exhibited at the Forest and Ocean Gallery in Laguna Beach, the Pasadena Museum of History in Pasadena, and the Women’s City Club of Pasadena. He remains active by participating in numerous solo and group shows when the opportunity presents itself.

Along with his joy of painting in the plein-air tradition, Fernando has been a High School Visual Art and Film Instructor for the past 22 years. His passion to teach young people and support recognition for the Visual Art discipline has been his long term goal during the duration of his teaching career. “ I am most happy and effective in the high school setting. My goal is to increase an appreciation and awareness in the field of Visual Art with complete inclusion for all students by teaching standards that focus on self-esteem, efficacy, and enjoyment of the visual art practice.”

Fernando enjoys time with his family and leisurely plays Classical/Flamenco guitar. 

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