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Jean LeGassick  Waterhouse Gallery
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Summer View of Round Top
8 x 10 Oil $1200

Jean LeGassick

I am passionate about plein-air painting, which grew out of my love for nature and the outdoors. Wilderness, or perhaps 'wildness', is what most often inspires me. There is nothing more exciting for me than to hike, snowshoe, or mule pack to the remote peaks, hidden canyons, windswept desert outcroppings, or the rocky place where land and sea meet. I can also be inspired by a humble stack of hay bales, the jazzy kaleidoscope of shapes in a weed-choked junkyard, or in a complex cityscape. The freedom of plein air painting with the limitless outdoors as my studio allows me to
follow my muse wherever it leads me. My goal as an artist is to record my immediate emotional response to the truth and mood of a scene. I want someone to see and feel what I felt at that particular time; to convey to others my experience and love for a place. If I come even close to this goal, I feel I have accomplished something of worth.
Jean is a member of the California Art Club and Plein-Air Painters of America

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