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Yellow Amber
16 x 12 Oil   $6500



Jeffrey Hein was born in 1974 in New Windsor, NY. Despite knowing early that he was interested in art, he had little exposure to it as a youth. His education was limited to numerous drawings of his childhood teachers on his schoolbook covers and on backs of handouts. After only one year of schooling, Hein left to serve a 2 year mission for his church. His missionary work ended prematurely when he was diagnosed with cancer. He battled for about a year and a half before he could return to ‘normal life.’ “After that I dated my wife for about six months in New York while I got ready for school and to come out here to do who knows what. I knew I wanted to do art; but I had no money so it was kind of, what next? So I got married and moved out here” Hein says of his move to Salt Lake City, UT.

Hein believes his life experiences have helped him to reach his goals as an artist and have inspired much of his work. He completed his study at the University of Utah in 2002, and has been painting professionally and teaching ever since. Hein has been invited to participate in a variety of international shows and has been written up in numerous newspapers and national magazines. It is very rare for an artist to have both great talent and meaningful content at such an early stage in his promising career.

In 2007 he opened the Hein Academy, a small atelier inspired school devoted to academic training. Hein currently lives and works in Salt Lake City with his wife and three children. He is devoted to continual growth as an artist and when not spending time with family he works in his downtown studio where he divides his time between painting, teaching, drawing, sculpting, and filmmaking.

“Humanity today is one with, enhanced through, and distorted by innovation and I have embraced modernism and classicism in order to capture this complete modern picture. My goal is also to show the relevance of both classical and abstract art in the modern world by creating work that clearly demonstrates a harmony between them.” - Jeff Hein

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