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 Lupines in Full Bloom 11 x 14 Oil $1500

 Spring Color 11 x 14 Oil $1500
 Los Carneros Spring 8 x 10 Oil $1000
  Ellwood after Spring Rain 8 x 10 Oil $1000


Late Afternoon Light, top of the Mesa 12 x 9 Oil $1250     Spring, Goleta Gap 14 x 11 Oil $1500


 9pm Santa Barbara Courthouse 12 x 9 Oil $1400

Spring Reflections 12 x 12 Oil $1,600 available from The Santa Barbara Club

Winter Sunset 48 x 72 Oil $19,500

Early Morning Light, Butterfly Beach 30 x 40 Oil $16,000

 Ellwood Trail 12 x 12 Oil $1500


 Ellwood Gas Station 6 x 6 Oil SOLD

  Presidio Chapel 8 x 8 Oil SOLD

 Misty Morning 8 x 8 Oil SOLD

  High Tide Hendrys Beach 12 x 16 Oil SOLD
 Late Spring Los Carneros 8 x 10 Oil SOLD


 Douglas Winter Sunset 12 x 9 Oil SOLD


Morning Light on the Cliffs 12 x 12 Oil SOLD



Reflections 4 x 4 Oil SOLD

 Gaviota Glow 4 x 4 Oil SOLD
 Devereux Reflections 15 x 15 Oil SOLD
Cloudy Day, Goleta Beach 18 x 36 Oil SOLD 

 Spring Clouds 12 x 16 Oil SOLD 
 Early Morning Glow, Bird Refuge  12 x 12 Oil SOLD
Butterfly Beach Morning Light 20 x 40 Oil SOLD
 Sundown 36 x 60 Oil SOLD
   Goleta Slough Spring Splendor 12 x 16 Oil $SOLD

 Summer Day 15 x 30 Oil SOLD
Evening Glow 9 x 12 Oil SOLD
  Late Afternoon Glow 16 x 16 Oil SOLD
Shadows below Shoreline Park 12 x 12 Oil SOLD 
 Douglas Preserve Spring 11 x 14 Oil SOLD
 Spring Along the Coast 36 x 60 Oil SOLD
 Along the Coast, Gaviota 12 x 12 Oil SOLD
 Devereux Summer 9 x 12 Oil SOLD
 Morning Light, Bird Refuge 12 x 12 Oil SOLD
 Spring Reflections 9 x 12 Oil SOLD
Cloudy Day 11 x 14 Oil SOLD
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Ralph's paintings have been described as having a feeling
of serenity, which reflects his love of natural environment.

After spending many years as a graphic designer Ralph decided
to pursue his real love, painting the countryside and its wildlife.
Painting became a full-time occupation in the early 70's when he moved to the English Lake District. Ralph lived there for many years and it has a special place in his heart, with its lakes, beautiful villages and mountains which evoke a feeling peace. Ralph's wildlife paintings led to International recognition and this included articles in leading magazines, a feature on BBC Television in England and One Man and Group Art Shows in England, West Germany and the USA.

In the late 1980's Ralph became inspired by the California Landscape and its beautiful light. He changed his focus from the very intimate environment of his Wildlife Paintings to a much broader vista encompassing the whole landscape.

The late afternoon and early morning sunlight have a special quality which Ralph loves to capture on canvas. He spends as much time painting "en plein-air" as possible, but works on his larger canvases in his studio.
In the early 90's Ralph was asked by the British Consul in Los Angeles to present Margaret Thatcher with one of his paintings as a memory of her visit to California.

Ralph's has exhibited in the national Oil Painters of America Exhibitions and one of his paintings was in an exhibition at the State Capitol Building. He was recently commissioned to paint several large murals, which will be prominently be placed in the main branches and corporate offices of Santa Barbara Bank and Trust. In 2007, Ralph was also commissioned to paint and design Santa Barbara's historic Old Spanish Day's Fiesta Poster, which has been a tradition and cultural celebration in Santa Barbara for over 75 years.

He has had articles in leading magazines won awards at various Art shows, acted as a judge for Museums Art shows. His work is in many private collections throughout the world.
Ralph is a founder member of the Santa Barbara Art Dealers Association and he is currently Chairman of the California Art Club, Central Coast Chapter.

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