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 Waterhouse Gallery Michael Siegel

Honorable Mention
Southwest Art Magazine Artistic Excellence Award
December 2013 Issue
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Glimpse of Light


Crackled Mexican Amber

Alizerin Plums 


Delft & Flowers


Peach & Grapes

Egg & Orange Slices 

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Michael Siegel was born in Mexico City in 1979. At the age of four
he moved with his family to the United States, and spent most of his childhood in California. As a teenager, Michael began taking a serious interest in fine art. When he was fourteen he enrolled at the Atelier Prohl in Milwaukee, then headed by the late James Prohl.

After moving back to California in 1995, Michael spent his high-school years taking night courses in illustration and animation at various schools in Los Angeles.

It wasn't until Michael was 18, when his parents sent him to a
summer painting workshop taught by Gregg Kreutz, that he first
held a paintbrush. Having found his calling, he immediately left his Computer Science and Mathematics studies at UC Berkeley to devote himself completely to art of painting. Michael has since studied extensively under the private tutelage of David A Leffel, and has received numerous awards at shows across the country.

At the age of 24, Michael was featured in Southwest Art's "21 under 31" issue, highlighting America's promising young artists. Michael's work has been collected all over the country, as well as abroad in Europe and Mexico. Currently Michael resides in Taos, New Mexico.

Michael had the honor of receiving the Gold Medal award for Still-Life at the Bright Light Artists Guild exhibition taking place at Legacy Gallery Scottsdale this week. The awarding Jurors were David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Gregg Kreutz, Jacqueline Kamin, and Rose Frantzen..

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