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Suchitra Bhosle
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 Cool Light on Figure 9 x 12 Oil $2700
 Cool Light on Figure Seated Figure 8 x 6 Oil $1800
Diaphanous in Blue 20 x 16 Oil $4500
Platinum Blond 18 x 14 Oil $4800
  Diaphanous Back 24 x 18 Oil $5000
 Pews in Red Harmony 20 x 16 Oil $4200.
 Undressing in Warm Colors 12 x 9 Oil $2500.
 Elegant amid Emerald 12 x 9 Oil $2200
 Braids 10 x 8 Oil $2000
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Figure Draped in White
10 x 8 Oil SOLD  

Dappled Light
36 x 24 Oil SOLD

Arches in Green Harmony
20 x 16 Oil SOLD 


24 x 18 Oil SOLD   

Dream in Red
8 x 10 Oil SOLD

6 x 8 Oil SOLD 


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Figure against Royal Blue
12 x 9 Oil SOLD  

Suchitra Bhosle

Suchitra Bhosle is an India-born artist based in California.

Suchitra paints in a representational realistic style drawing
inspiration from 20th century naturalist painters.
She embraces impressionism to depict everyday
representational scenes.

Suchitra excels at capturing and expressing the mood of her
subjects, often in contemplative classical settings.
This lends a timeless yet intimate quality to her paintings.

Though primarily a portrait and figurative painter, she has
recently been painting urban and architectural subjects.

Her paintings have won awards at international juried shows
hosted by The Portrait Society of America,
Oil Painters of America and American Impressionist Society.

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