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Dennis Sheehan
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 Day Break 12 x 16 Oil $2250


 Evening Glow 6 x 10 Oil $1100



 Dennis Sheehan, born in Boston in 1950, is a member of the Guild of Boston Artists. His work is in major public and private collection including the White House. Sheehan paints in the Barbizons mode with remarkable authority and faithful adherence to his 19th century precursors. In the tradition of the Tonalist painters, Sheehan creates landscapes of mood, affected by nature's changing seasons.

"The transitional period of dusk, dawn, before and a storm and even those grayed out days in winter when the sun'' light is most effusive, these are the qualities of light
I am most interested in. The mood that the light evokes, the color harmony and the subtleties of tone with less emphasis on detail are of prime concern to me…"

"My goal is to have the painting emanate light, rather then be just a surface that records the reflections of light. This is why the shadow areas are important,
for it is from them that this emanation proceeds.
The light areas are focal points of this effort, but the power comes from the shadows."

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