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Jacob Dhein Waterhouse Gallery
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November 9th on Market Street
14 X 14 Oil $1500

Artist Statement

As a child I liked to draw, although it wasn’t until my sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, I decided to try a drawing class. I found the drawing class compelling, so I thought I would try a couple of other art classes. In my sculpture and painting class, I met some very influential artists who encouraged me to pursue a career in art. One was my advisor and sculpture professor, Tc Farley, the other was my painting professor, Li Hu. Tc taught me about the struggles and dedication that one needed to be an artist, while Li showed me the professional side of the art market and things I would have to explore if I wanted to paint for a living.

In 2006, I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Painting and Sculpture. I worked for several years after graduation, but still continued with my artwork, mainly doing portrait commissions. I also took workshops with artists that interested me to enhance my skills as a painter. Then, in 2009, I dedicated myself to painting full time. Finally, in 2011, I decided to pursue a Master in Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

The masters that inspire me are: Daniel Gerhartz, Jeremy Lipking, Antonio Mancini, John Singer Sargent, Burton Silverman, Richard Schmid, Mian Situ, and Morgan Weistling.

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