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Nancy Seamons Crookston 

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Oil painter Nancy Seamons Crookston's love of children, the ocean and color is apparent in her art, prints and posters. She aims to draw in the viewer and make them feel that life is good.

Nancy Seamons Crookston's paintings are often described as peaceful and calming. While those are not qualities she strives for, the Utah based painter is attracted to the human figure in moments of stillness and reflection. She loves to capture glimpses of tenderness between mother and child and the innocence of children engaged in quite play.

Nancy also has long been drawn to the Old World feel of the European countryside.

To suggest this quality of a simpler time, Crookston sometimes dresses models-often her own daughters and grandchildren-in the colorful scarves and long dresses of country peasants. On other occasions, wonderful painting ideas walk up to here, like the time her young granddaughter came into the artist's room, sat on the bed and started reading a book.

In 2002, the Nancy Seamons Crookston was inducted
to the Oil Painter's of America as a master signature member in honor of the wide recognition of her art.

Nancy Seamons Crookston's early training for her art, prints and posters includes five summers studying with Russian artist Sergei Bongart in Thornton, Idaho.

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