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Derek Harrison
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 Changing Seasons
27 x 22 Oil SOLD
28 x 28 Oil $5500
   Morning Light Mission Park
27 x 40 Oil $8750
   Spring Fields of Gold
22 x 30 Oil $4900
    Atmospheric Moments
30 x 20 Oil $4900
13 x 20 Oil SOLD

Summer Sun
18 x 30 Oil $4900

12 x 16 Oil $1950

Passage Ways
14 x 20 Oil $2750
16 x 12 Charcoal $2500
 Into the Light
22 x 30 Oil $4900

 Eucalyptus Sunset
10 x 16 Oil $1600
Spring Green
8 x 10 Oil $995
Last Light
10 x 20 Oil $1900
Presidio Nocturne
10 x 16 Oil $1650

 Derek Harrison 

Born 1983, Derek Harrison began pursuing art since he was able to hold a pencil. It all began as an innocent journey of exploration and the excitement that came with applying a vision to a piece of paper. In later years Derek was consistently dabbling in art, always drawing, painting, etc...Initially the inspiration from graffiti played a large role in the type of art he was doing.

Following years of experimentation with spray paint and eventually transitioning to canvas, Derek landed a tattoo apprenticeship with Colorado artist Brad Cramer.

The formative years were spent drawing every minute
of the day into tattooing full time for the next several years.

In 2009 Derek made the move to Southern California, working in both Los Angeles and landing
at his current home and studio in Santa Barbara.

Derek's work has become one that combines aspects of the old masters and the admiration for artists such as John Singer Sargent and William Adolf Bouguereau with contemporary subjects and settings.


After spending six years working as a tattoo artist
in addition to painting, Derek made the transition
to working full time as a fine artist in 2011. Fine art became his true calling and he quickly rose to be one of the most exciting contemporary realist painters today.

His work is figurative in nature and portrays the world in which he lives and the people whom inhabit it.
"My aim is to convey the inspiration and beauty in the subjects and settings I paint. Art has the amazing capacity to connect with all people."

He has shown in numerous gallery exhibitions worldwide, has had his work feautured in several magazines and books and has won awards for his portrait and figurative pieces. He says, "My hope is to bring the amazing qualities that many years of study and experience have lead me to understand and appreciate. I strive to express this through my work and create pieces that are moving, thought provoking and inspiring."

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