Waterhouse Gallery
Eli Cedrone

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Petit Dejeuner
14 x 11 Original Oil Painting $2200
   Rue de Placide
24 x 20 Original Oil Painting $3800
Cafe de Nuit
12 x 24 Oil $3200
 Nocturne Bermuda
14 x 11 Oil $1400 
9 x 12 Oil $1450
  Last Call
14 x 11 Original Oil Painting SOLD
  Chez Paul
9 x 12 Oil SOLD
14 x 11 Oil SOLD

Dance of Light
16 x 20 Oil SOLD

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 Eli Cedrone

"A work of art does not appeal to the intellect, it's aim not to instruct, but to awaken an emotion." - George Inness

Eli Cedrone has spent her lifetime creating. Upon graduation from the School of Art & Design in Boston, she studied art in Italy and at the School of the MFA, Boston. Her professional career began as an art director at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, Bermuda, followed by work as an illustrator and mixed-media artist in Laguna Beach, CA. Her work has been exhibited nationwide and she conducts plein air workshops in Bermuda and Italy, in the alla prima method of painting.

Cedrone works in oils, and feels it's important to work from life. She paints en plein air or develops larger works in studio from the model, memory and a variety of reference materials. Contemporary Realism would best describe her style. Two powerful influences have been the Spanish impressionist, Joaquin Sorolla and the Bay Area figurative painter, Richard Diebenkorn. Others include Nicolai Fechin, Anders Zorn, John Singer Sargent and Antonio Lopez Garcia.

Her work increasingly bridges abstraction and realism. She is most drawn to the human form - the body as an expressive and interpretive vehicle. Through a meditation on the essence of the subject she transforms the figure into suggestions of person, place and human pathos. The figures exist both in representational and tactile, painterly worlds. Constantly striving for a way to articulate this unique visual synthesis; from the monolithic to the corporeal, portraying nudity as something real and not idealized. Often a narrative theme is explored, she strives to capture the emotional power of the moment, expressing a vast range of dramatic possibilities.

For Cedrone, landscape painting is a journey in search of something that ultimately evokes a personal response - something beyond the obvious and descriptive. Her concerns are with the expressive qualities of light captured in paint as much as they're about new ways to consider the landscape in contemporary painting.

"Feeling too comfortable as an artist is dishonest because art is born out of life and life is a mystery - an ongoing transformation. The work must have modesty, it must be free from ostentation. Common can be beautiful, emotionally resonant and demanding without being manipulative or artificially provocative.”

"Landscape painting should not be painted for the sake of beauty alone, but rather, through the landscape something significant may be reached, something close to the spirit of nature. Within it should be the story of the soul." - Alexander Korovin


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