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Kyle Ma
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Taipei Market Morning
12 x 12 Oil $1500 NEW
 Water Lilies on a Cloudy Day
10 x 8 Oil $1200 NEW
Boats at Point Neuf
18 x 24 Oil NEW - SOLD
 Evening Light in Paris
18 x 14 Oil SOLD
Oil paint Tubes
12 x 12 Oil $1500
 Keyhole Rock
9 x 12 Oil SOLD

Rose Garden in Coronado
11 x 42 Oil SOLD
Deep in Thought
20 x 16 Oil $2400

 Dahlia Garden
14 x 18 Oil $2100
Middle of Winter
18 x 14 Oil $2100

  Paris Sidewalk at Sunset
20 x 16 Oil SOLD
20 x 24 Oil SOLD

Last Light at  Garrapata
14 x 18 Oil SOLD
Evening Shadows
9 x 12 Oil SOLD
Cow Creek Autumn
9 x 12 Oil SOLD


 A Happy Day
2 x 12 Oil SOLD


 Late Evening at  Garrapata
9 x 12 Oil $1150


A Quiet Sunday
14 x 18 Oil SOLD
  Garrapata Surf
20 x 24 Oil $3500 SOLD 
Teppanyaki Chef
12 x 12 Oil $1350 SOLD
 Arrangement with Six Roses
12 x 14 Oil $1450 SOLD
Rose Garden In Afternoon
16 x 18 Oil $2300 SOLD 
 Lincoln park Zoo Lion
12 x 16 Oil SOLD

Kyle Ma

Kyle has a remarkable gift and his talent
belies his incredibly young age.

Kyle Ma was born in the year 2000 and developed a love of nature
during his childhood. He was drawn to art at an early age and
says that painting allows him to express his viewpoint of our world.
In 2010, Kyle moved with his family to Austin, Texas where
he continues to pursue his love and affection for art.
He enjoys painting En plein air and in the studio.

Kyle's core belief is that inspiration can truely be pulled from
anything or anywhere.

"Painting to me now is an extremely passionate experience,
I paint as much as I can and hope that I can communicate
with the viewer what I saw and how I feel each time
that I pick up a brush."

Recent Awards:



3rd place, The Artist’s Magazine Competition

Windows to the Devine Award, Art Renewal Center International Salon

Signature Membership, Oil Painters of America

"Best in Show", BoldBrush Painting Competition

Annual Winner Art Muse Contest

Oil Painters of America Western Regional Show Impressionist Award of Excellence

BoldBrush Fine Art Competition Finalist

Oil Painters of America National Show Still Life Honorable Mention

Art Renewal Center International Salon Finalist

The Artist's Magazine Competition, 2nd Place

Plein Air Salon "Best Animals and Birds"

Art Muse Contest Finalist Master Category

Oil Painters Of America National Show Animal Honorable Mention

The Boldbrush Award

The Artist's Magazine Competition Finalist

Southwest Art Magazine Art Excellence Competition Finalist

RayMar Fine Art Competition Finalist

Plein Air Salon Best Artist Under 30

Boldbrush Fine Art Competition Finalist

If you would like to purchase a paintingor be on
our mailing list, please contact us:

Email art@waterhousegallery.com

Phone 805-962-8885


  SOLD Works

 Alleyways of Arles 16 x 12 Oil SOLD
 Windy Day at Panaluu Beach 12 x 9 Oil SOLD


Overcast Day 20 x 24 Oil SOLD
 Breakfast in Provence 16 x 12 Oil SOLD
 Provence Peonies 8x10 Oil SOLD
 Wyoming Barn 9 x 12 Oil SOLD
 Taipei Market 16 x 20 Oil SOLD
 Dingmans Creek Cascades 18 x 14 Oil SOLD
   Broadway Traffic 12 x 12 Oil SOLD
 Yellow Zinnias 9 x 12 Oil SOLD

  Lillies Arrangement 11 x 14 Oil SOLD
Ready to Serve 12 x 16 Oil SOLD
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