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Rick Delanty 
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 Santa Barbara Dusk from 154
20 x 48 Original Oil Painting $8600
Morning Shadows Coral Casino
36x48 Original Oil Painting
 Afternoon at Leadbetter
24x36 Original Acrylic Painting $9000
Clouds Above County Courthouse
24 x 24 Oil $6500

 Yacht Club
15 x 30 Alkyd on board $5600
Bright Day at Rosewood
10 x 30 Original Oil Painting $3600
 Harbor View, La Playa Stadium
20 x 24 Original Oil Painting $5800
 East Beach - Early Spring Morning
12 x 24 Original Oil Painting $3500
 Tidal Pools, El Capitan
12 x 24 Original Oil Painting $3600
 On the Beach, Leadbetter
10 x 20 Original Oil Painting $2800

University Club Nocturne
18 x 24 Acrylic $5200
 Courthouse Color
18 x 18 Acrylic $4000
 Essence of Santa Barbara
13 x 17 Acrylic $2800
 Day at Goleta
8 x 16 Original Oil Painting $1900
  Stearns Wharf
8 x 16 Acrylic $1900
Montecito from Ortega Hill
24 x 24 Acrylic $6500
Legendary Rincon
20 x 24 Original Acrylic $5800

 Golden Bluffs at Goleta
16 x 20 Original Acrylic $4000
 Hendrys From Douglas Preserve
16 x 20 Original Acrylic $3200
Nocturne. Summerland View
16 x 20 Acrylic $3000
  Hendrys from Douglas Preserve
12 x 16 Acrylic $1800
Andre Clark Nocturne
12 x 16 Acrylic $1800  


Rick J. Delanty
About the Artist

The artist Rick J. Delanty is well known for his paintings of the California coast, landscapes, and historical architecture. He paints with a colorful and energetic style, an expressive marriage of realism and abstraction, with a focus on light and atmosphere. He plans a number of painting trips throughout the year, traveling to paint the scenery of the West from Montana, Utah, and Yosemite. He paints both "en plein air" on location, and enjoys developing works in his studio.

I was born in Santa Rosa, Ca in 1951, and attended the University of California Santa Barbara, receiving my degrees in Studio Painting and Drawing and English literature, as well as obtaining a life teaching credential there. Securing a business license in 1981, I began painting professionally in tandem with my 32-year teaching career, exhibiting for 5 years at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, among other venues. After retiring from teaching in 2006, I embarked on my lifelong dream, painting full-time, inspired by the powerful artworks of N.C. Wyeth, Winslow Homer, George Inness, Andrew Wyeth, and Jim McVicker. Since then, I have participated in numerous plein air painting events across the West, and now participate annually in the Laguna Beach Plein Air Invitational. I am honored to be a Signature member of six art societies, including the American Society of Marine Artists, and am an Artist member of the California Art Club. Having also taught drawing and plein air painting in a variety of classes and adult workshops, I am currently working with UCI's Institute and Museum of California Art-where I have a painting in the permanent collection--to develop educational opportunities that will connect the museum's patrons with art-making. My recent book, "Beauty Unites Us," is a collection of more than 50 paintings illustrated with 50 recent paintings that explore my search for beauty in everyday life, and during my travels. I am represented by galleries in Santa Barbara, Utah and Montana. Each day brings a new excitement, and eagerness to discover more about my world and experiences through the creation of art. Along with my Creator, painting is my guide, teacher and doorway to living a most rewarding and fulfilling life.

Artist Statement

What really inspires me about painting the landscape is the physical evidence of God's supernatural presence in it. His power, creativity, and truth expressed in nature excites me with wonder, mystery, and hope for a better world than man can make. It is the spirit behind the appearance that quickens my heart to paint, to capture the vibrancy of life that may disappear almost as soon as it is apprehended.
I know that my life will not be long enough to paint all that I have planned or desire to create. For now, for today, it is enough to work, both inside and out, on the vision that God has given me: to express the beautiful wherever I find it. My job is to express God's Creation in my own work-and I love doing that.
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